Why hello,

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Carissa Lewis. But hey, that only means something if you know who I am. 

Who I Am

I bring design into everything I do, so you may find influences from other areas of my life. I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in astrophysics. I am currently pursuing research, but you can read more about those adventures here.

What I Do

Quite simply, I document the people I meet and places I have come to appreciate and question. My photography and digital art range from celebratory to artistic to political.

Photography: I view photography as a way to emphasize a specific moment and perspective as seen from the mind’s eye. That means I put a lot of thought into the location I shoot at and how a photo is edited.

Art: I distinguish personal art (i.e. “general art”) from commissioned/nonprofit work (pretty much everything else), so you can clearly see which works come from a collaborative lens and which come from my mind alone.

What I’ve Done

I had the fortunate experience of getting involved with The Granite Bay Gazette when I was in high school, which gave me my initial exposure to professional design and photography. I learned from my teachers and the student editors before me. They gave me the skills to explore technology and techniques that would later evolve into my own style.

In my freshman year of college, I joined the magazine Caliber as a photographer. Caliber documents lifestyles in the Bay Area, with a focus on highlighting inspiring women and POC. In my junior year of college, I started graphic design work for Pockets of Promise, a non-profit that works with children and families in Ghana, India, and Uganda to help uplift these communities through nutritional, educational, and empowerment programs.

For nearly 10 years now, I have conducted graduation photoshoots, documented celebratory events, taken family photos, made short films, and of course, simply observed the landscapes and events around me. Wherever I go, my computer and camera come with me.

Feel free to explore my site and reach out with any questions : )

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